Welcome kits
designed for all holidaymakers

Everyone wants that holiday feeling from the moment you arrive.

Un Air de Vacances was created to make it easier for holidaymakers to feel at home by having everything they need for their stay
Un Air Pur is the first eco-friendly welcome kit.

Eco Friendly

Un Air Pur is a range of carefully selected ecological cleaning products all made in France. They reduce waste because the quantities have been designed to meet the needs of a one-week stay.

Packaged in smaller sizes, the quantities are just right for a holiday stay.

The Un Air Pur kit contains all this in one cotton bag

  • 1 ecological washing-up liquid – 125 ml,
  • 1 ecological multi-purpose cleaner – 125 ml,
  • 1 ecological liquid laundry detergent – 125 ml,
  • 6 ecological dishwasher tablets,
  • 1 double-sided scouring sponge,
  • 1 vegetable sponge,
  • 5 (30 L) rubbish bags, made of recycled plastic,
  • 1 roll of toilet paper for the first day.
PETIT-PLUS-small©Un Air de Vacances
All packaged in a reuseable bag !
un-air-pur©Un AIr de Vacances

The différent kits

Each Un Air de Vacances kit has a different design to evoke its content.

Un Air Pur is the first kit available.

Others are coming soon…

Approach Un Air de Vacances

The concept

Travel light ! Whether you arrive early or late, you have everything you need.and you can just relax !
You rent out a holiday property and you want to be the perfect host by providing a welcome gift that your guests will really appreciate.

Un Air de Vacances has a thoughtful welcome kit for every occasion


A Great Welcome

To help guests to get their holiday off
to a great start by offering them different packages :
household cleaning products ; first day breakfast, cooking essentials.


Product sizes adapted
to a one week stay.
A whole range of ecological products,
Made in France.

Handy holiday sizes

All the products you need
in the right size
for a week-long stay
in a different pack
soon available on line

The Team

Agnès Amoretti and Isabelle Fouasson wanted to answer a problem that they share with many holidaymakers:
Having to buy products in large quantities you dont need, dishwasher tablets sold by 45, whereas 6 would be enough, washing up liquid in litre bottles just for a few pots and pans …

A big bottle of olive oil that the next guests may hesitate to use,..

Team Un Air de Vacances

Like many holiday goer, they were confronted with the dilemma of an overflowing suitcase and leftover cleaning and cooking products you are not sure if the next guests will use.

Based on their experiences as holidaymakers and communication professionals, concerned with the environment Isabelle and Agnes have created these welcome kits with an environmentally responsible approach.

Online shop

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Coming soon

The shop will be online soon and will offer the first
Un Air Pur Kit.
More kits will follow…


You can order a full kit
or customize


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